It all started in 2012 when 20 year old Lodewijk Fluttert took a semester off of his study Psychology to discover different sides of himself. For two months he danced, filmed, made music, did standup comedy, wrote and much more, untill he found out what he loved doing most: making music. He uploaded a couple of tracks on youtube and soundcloud, and Bakermat was born. Since then he stepped in a rollercoaster ride he could have never imagined. First official single ‘Vandaag (One Day)’ became a huge hit all over Europe hitting top 10 spots in almost every country. The early succes got rewarded with platinum records in France, Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium. The succes was largely attributed to the fact that he came with an entirely different and new sound, combining minimal and deep house with jazz and soul. It laid a foundation for the genres we now know as ‘tropical house’ or ‘melodic house’, in which he is still seen as the founder and pioneer.


Popular Tracks

2Gatluak - Bakermat Remix
3One Day (Vandaag) - Radio Edit
4You've Got Me Where You Want Me
6Good Feeling (feat. Rhys Lewis)
8Madan (King)
9Games Continued (feat. Marie Plassard) - Radio Edit
10The Spirit