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Take an X-ray of D-wayne and you will probably not see any bones or tendons but two metres zest for work, ambition and drive. As if he is carrying a jetpack on his back his career has taken off at lightning speed and there’s no stopping him.

He is a DJ star in clubs and at festivals and as a studio wizard he has already accomplished achievements that many aspiring artists can only dream of.
This did not stay unnoticed to the big names in the EDM scene and Afrojack offered him a contract in the early stage of his career. It was D-wayne his introduction to the big crowd – at first they performed together, until D-wayne reached a point where he developed his own unique skills and style and moved on to do his own shows. With busy touring schedules, they still have great pleasure in inspiring each other to greatness and are good friends forever.


Popular Tracks

# Title Link
1 Kings & Queens
2 Love Again - Bolier Remix
3 Freedom
4 Geronimo - D-wayne Remix
6 Loving You Always - Black Caviar Remix
7 Rich
8 Getaway
9 Take U - Radio Edit
10 Freedom - Edit