New York City spoken word poet and MC, David LeSal, is known for his iconic voice and the rich imagery of his writing.  He holds an MFA in poetry and has taught creative writing at the university level.  First gaining notoriety in the hardstyle scene for his lyrics to the song “Tonight” (Headhunterz & Wildstylez vs. Noisecontrollers), he went on to be featured heavily throughout the Return of Headhunterz hit album, and has since written and recorded poetic lyrics and hip hop hooks for countless tracks (many included in the top 10) and working with some of the biggest names in the genre.

Recently he has brought his unique and refreshing writing style into the house music scene, the music to which he feels most connected, and is quickly gaining attention by working with a roster of exciting producers and artists.

LeSal has a deep archive of acapella vocal concepts and recordings, as well as the unique ability to work directly with artists to quickly provide custom lyrics for almost any project needing that extra something special in the way of male vocals.

David LeSal

Popular Tracks

1Just What I Need