As people around the globe embrace a blend of electronic pop music, 21-year old Elle Hollis has made her way to the forefront of the music industry. When listening to her music, one wouldn’t guess she was born and raised in a small place in the south of The Netherlands. With a university degree in English, Elle has an international sound and vibe that grabs your attention right away.

Elle Hollis has not only been singing since a young age, she’s been writing too. While she collaborated with several writers and artists all over the world, she always makes sure to sit down at a session when it concerns her own productions. Her golden rule whilst writing, “If I’m able to get across my emotions through the song when it’s played acoustic, I know it’s a good song. It may never lose its impact when stripped down”.

Elle Hollis

Popular Tracks

# Title Link
1 Stay Up Here
2 Think About Me Still
3 Guys & Cars
4 Still Mine
5 Running Out Of Love - Acoustic
6 Running Out Of Love
7 I'm Not In Love
8 Mind Games - Acoustic
9 Mind Games
10 Onto Something