With slowed EDM in their DNA, a feed of slick R&B, slinky love songs and maximal synth affections, allows Komory to chill in the environs of sharp angles and high definition. They bring the cleansing properties of the flexible cool and calm of ‘Complicated’, and ‘Secrets’, with its bang on trend tropical vibes and foamy arrangements. The two titles alone reflect Komory’s keenness to express themselves while keeping their cards close to their chest.

The name Komory originates from the Japanese term ‘Hikikomori’. This describes adults that withdraw from social engagement, confining them to isolation. While this might sound engineered to create an obvious correlation to the events of 2020-21, Komory strongly believe this social isolation is a crucial part of their creative process in order to come up with the music that they love.

Running parallel to their sonic seclusion, Komory’s neon-streaked soul fusing mind and machine is part of their vision for “the next generation of music performance”. Much like electronica’s anonymous superstars throughout history, their aim is to set new standards in applying a visual spectacle to sounds, and fully demonstrate the future in real time.


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