It’s hard to categorize the multidimensional sound Lazy Jay brings to the table. However, it is very easy to understand why leading dj’s and radio tastemakers alike are eating away at almost anything this “Belgian Beatmeister” serves.

In a world where conformity is king and copy/paste seems to be the norm, Lazy Jay represents a je-m’en-fous mentality which is boldly refreshing, resulting not only in obscure underground monsters, but also in worldwide Nr.1 hits such as ft Britney Spears – “Scream And Shout” and in cultural milestones like Azealia Banks ft Lazy Jay – “212”.

Or to put it in his words: “I don’t waste too much time overthinking stuff.  I just go with my gut, and sometimes somebody likes it.”

Lazy Jay

Popular Tracks

# Title Link
1 Float My Boat - Bougenvilla Remix
2 Drink - Lazy Jay Radio Edit
3 Float My Boat - Radio Edit
4 Drink - Lazy Jay Remix
5 Wrong Turn Ahead
6 The Groovy Whale
7 Teknomuzik
8 Drunk - Lazy Jay's Wasted in London Remix
9 Float My Boat - Extended
10 On The Rocks