In December 2017 he debuted with his single ‘Slow’ on the famous label ‘Dirty Soul’. Lucq’s has an original sound that is driven by organic elements combined with electronic beats and heavy basses. In spring 2018 he launched his follow up singles: ‘U-Turn’ and ‘My Favorite Game’.

Lucq is dedicated to the bone, his heart pumps beats and he breathes melodies. He not only produces, but also writes songs and plays guitar. You could call him a modernday singer-songwriter or a producer without limits.

With lots of inspiration, new music ready and an education at the Herman Brood Academy, Lucq’s future looks promissing.


Popular Tracks

# Title Link
1 Healing Frequencies
2 Slow
3 U-Turn
4 Dreams
5 My Favorite Game
6 Wasted (feat. Noubya)
7 Get You Back
8 Lovin' Bandit - Yuri Runs Remix
9 Focus
10 Thoughts & Feelings