Always pursue your dreams.

As a graduated notary, Lulleaux could have bene living a different life today, but his passion for music was so strong that he made the decision one day to follow his dream and make a name for himself as an artist.

Fastforward to where we are now, Lulleaux, or Hugo as his mom prefers to call him, has a string of notable releases under his name, with his signature uplifting feel-good blend of sounds of deephouse, future house with a  slice of pop-dance.

Collabs with Sam Feldt (All The Kids) and song festival winner Duncan Laurence (Fade Into The Sun), remixes for the likes of Tiësto (Carry You Home) and Benny Benassi (Even if). He also scored the soundtrack for a Dutch blockbuster movie: Voor Elkaar Gemaakt with the song: Sitting In the Morning Sun.

But perhaps most notable is his single CONTACT, which has reached over 120 million streams to date across all platforms.


Popular Tracks

1Even If You Don't
2Empty Love
4Break Loose (feat. NEIMY)
5Sweet Little Lies
6Hold Me First
7Little By Little - Lulleaux & George Whyman Remix
8The Seed
9High On Love
10Contact - Sped Up



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