Dutch producer Lulleaux has quickly shown that he knows how to turn out red-hot remixes for some of the biggest names around. Lulleaux first showed his musical potential when he was a child, learning piano and keyboard. From then on, the young man’s life was changed forever and music would always stay with him in some shape or form.
In 2013, he discovered production software and turntables, and mixtapes came and DJ gigs did too. In June 2014, Lulleaux remixed Anna Graceman’s ‘Words’ which brought with it one and half a million hits on SoundCloud. It even got picked up and praised by Norwegian hotshot Kygo. 

Lulleaux’s debut release, ‘Up To You’ with FDVM, was released on Dirty Soul. After that highly successful debut effort, Lulleaux signed a deal with Sony. 
Now, Lulleaux has a collaboration with Sam Feldt lined up for release on Spinnin’ Records amongst others and he will be delivering remix goodness for mega stars like Benny Benassi, Claire, Ulf Nilsson, and Marlon Roudette on Ultra, Universal and Sony. 

Lulleaux has successfully graduated and mastered the notary function, and is ready to blow everyone away with his own unique brand of house music..