Euphoric melody’s, good feeling and happy faces. Those are the key points that PRDX will bring with their music. Combined with fat kicks they bring drive and energy to your speakers and the stage!

PRDX started as a Hardstyle dj duo back in 2008. Back then Hardstyle was growing fast, they fell instant in love with this kind of hard dance music. With appearances on festivals such as Intents Festival, Decibel Outdoor, Hard Island, Electrobeach Music Festival and a few hundred other gigs, the crowd knows that they will get an energetic act behind the booth.

After a few years of hard work in the studio, things fall into place. They found their own sound and start to release their tracks on Derailed Traxx Records. Now it’s time to get a spot within the Hardstyle scene and share their love for the music. Welcome to the world of PRDX, follow us and get touched! #euphoriclives


Popular Tracks

1Broken Heart
2Something Started
6On Fire
8Elements of Life
9Lighting Fires
10It Comes At Night