Introduction: They’re one of Europe’s most established, respected dance acts, having been catapulted to stardom by their debut release ‘Airwave’. In the 9 years that have followed they’ve continued to pack out the CD wallets of world’s A-list spinners with speaker-spankers that have included ‘Such is Life’, ‘Symfo’ and ‘Life Less Ordinary’… In 2009 they unleashed ‘L.E.D. There Be Light’ – a track that was quickly snapped up by ID&T as the anthem for that year’s Trance Energy event. Their Live and DJ sets induce floor-quakes before thousands of fans at clubs, arenas and festivals every single weekend. They are Piet Bervoets & Benno de Goeij… and they’re Rank 1. Rank 1’s Year One – ‘Airwave’: After a chance introduction at a party in the spring of 1997, Benno & Piet recognised much common musical ground and decided to work together.

Rank 1

Popular Tracks

# Title Link
1 Airwave - Radio Vocal Edit
2 Superstring - RANK 1's Radio Edit
3 Awakening - Radio Edit
4 Airwave - Album Cut
5 L.E.D. There Be Light - Cosmic Gate Remix
6 This World Is Watching Me (Mixed)
7 Airwave - Original Mix
8 L.E.D. There Be Light - Single Mix
9 This World Is Watching Me - Radio Edit
10 Superstring - Radio Mix




  • Rank 1 @ Nature One 2007


    Rank 1 - Adagio for Strings LIVE @ Amnesia 2008


    Rank 1- And Then LIVE @ Amnesia 2008