Introduction: They’re one of Europe’s most established, respected dance acts, having been catapulted to stardom by their debut release ‘Airwave’. In the 9 years that have followed they’ve continued to pack out the CD wallets of world’s A-list spinners with speaker-spankers that have included ‘Such is Life’, ‘Symfo’ and ‘Life Less Ordinary’… In 2009 they unleashed ‘L.E.D. There Be Light’ – a track that was quickly snapped up by ID&T as the anthem for that year’s Trance Energy event. Their Live and DJ sets induce floor-quakes before thousands of fans at clubs, arenas and festivals every single weekend. They are Piet Bervoets & Benno de Goeij… and they’re Rank 1. Rank 1’s Year One – ‘Airwave’: After a chance introduction at a party in the spring of 1997, Benno & Piet recognised much common musical ground and decided to work together.

Rank 1

Popular Tracks

# Title Link
1 L.E.D. There Be Light - Cosmic Gate Remix
2 Airwave - Album Cut
3 Airwave - Radio Vocal Edit
4 L.E.D. There Be Light - Single Mix
5 This World Is Watching Me
6 Superstring - Radio Mix
7 Awakening - Radio Edit
8 Superstring - Rank 1's Radio Edit
9 Airwave - Original Mix
10 Such Is Life - Radio Edit




  • Rank 1 is with High Contrast Recordings and Be Yourself Music.


    Rank 1 is with High Contrast Recordings and Be Yourself Music.

    Sun | Beach | Trance Music > What Else? Pre-order:
    Rank 1 is listening to Johan Gielen at NATURE ONE.


    Rank 1 is listening to Johan Gielen at NATURE ONE.

    Germany who is ready for Johan Gielen's Trance Classics stage at NATURE ONE?


    We finally met with Marco V. Let us know what your weekend plans are. Link:




    Cosmic Gate remixed our track L.E.D. There be Light. We have seen some cool video's scrolling by. Love the support! Listen here:


    Remember this one?


    Proud to announce that I will perform at the Trance Classics stage hosted by Johan Gielen at Tomorrowland 2018 on July 21st!


    Back2Back with Marco V.. Who is ready for Electronic Family 2018?


    Excited to play on the Trance Energy stage at Mysteryland. Who will we see there?
    Rank 1 shared a video.


    Rank 1 shared a video.

    How is ready for the ARK?
    Rank 1 with Dreamstate.


    Rank 1 with Dreamstate.

    Dreamstate, add it to your calendar. We would love to see you there.
    Rank 1 with Luminosity Events.


    Rank 1 with Luminosity Events.

    24 juni 2017 zal Luminosity Beach Festival 2017 - 10 Years Anniversary plaatsvinden en ik ben erbij! Jij ook? Meer info:


    Looking forward to play at The Ark Cruise this summer! Join us here (tickets and info). Follow the FB event: The Ark Cruise 2017.


    The good old days:
    Rank 1 shared a video.


    Rank 1 shared a video.

    Fun fact: the piano recorded in Superstring 2016 is the same one Armin van Buuren played as a youngster!


    Who’s going to add our rework of ‘Superstring’ to your Spotify playlist?


    Tune in tonight at A State Of Trance for the world premiere of our rework & new single ‘Superstring’! ➜ (8:00PM CET – 7:00PM GMT – 2:00PM EST – 11:00AM PST)


    Something new is coming 03.06.2016


    See you soon Avalon Hollywood! More info:


    #Fanart by Suzich Q Art


    Looking forward to take the stage at #ASOT750 in a few!
  • Rank 1 @ Nature One 2007


    Rank 1 - Adagio for Strings LIVE @ Amnesia 2008


    Rank 1- And Then LIVE @ Amnesia 2008