Born the 26th of March 1994, Swenno Hoogerwaard, better known as DJ and Producer Simon Kidzoo, grewing up with love for house music.

As a young boy he was always busy with experimenting on his computer to create his own sounds. He decided to buy a couple of music programs like Fruityloops to see what music more had to offer in his forthcoming life.

After 2 years of producing in all kind of house styles he started to develope his own sound. With his attractive tech vibes and catchy drums his productions were picked up by the biggest artist in the scene. And he already played in big national and international clubs.

Stay tuned for more!

Swenno Hoogerwaard

Popular Tracks

1The Reason
3Listen Y'all
4La Musica
5Morenita - Simon Kidzoo & Mike Mendo Remix
6Watch U Dance - Simon Kidzoo Remix
9The Way I Feel