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The Galaxy (Arjen Lubach and Sacha Harland) was launched in 2015. Soon after producing their first demo’s, the duo was signed by Amsterdam-based record label Barong Family, which resulted in releasing the first EP called ‘Bass Country Club’.
Within their first year of touring, The Galaxy already played big European festivals like Tomorrowland, Mysteryland as well as their first international club shows in Russia, Germany and Switzerland. During that same year The Galaxy released their first remix of a track by Moksi, another remix of a track by Yellow Claw, followed by their second EP called ‘Moon & The Stars’. They finished off with three successful collaborations with Cesqueax, Mike Cervello and LNY TNZ as part of the first Barong Family album.

With huge support by acts like Yellow Claw, Cesqeaux, Laidback Luke and others, The Galaxy’s music has already travelled all over the world and it felt for them as if this was the right time to aim for more international shows. They teamed up with the renowned ACE Agency to be able to go after their music and see what the clubs and festivals outside of Europe have to offer. And with succes. That same year, The Galaxy toured Asia for the first time and, together with their agency, they stepped up their European festival game as well.

Music-wise, 2017 was an intense year as well. While releasing a collaboration with Yellow Claw featuring Gia Koka as part of their album ‘Los Amsterdam’ and a track together with Lil Debbie, The Galaxy was working on a new EP called ‘Invaders’. They kicked of by releasing a single featuring Sophie Simmons as part of the EP, followed by three remaining club tracks.

After a busy summer season filled with European festival shows, touring Asia for the third time, being remixed by other producers, releasing two more collaborations on a second and a third album by the Barong Family label and working on three new singles, 2018 looks like a fertile year so far. All in all, the future looks promising for The Galaxy.

The Galaxy

Popular Tracks

# Title Link
1 Hero (feat. JVZEL) - Rebourne Remix
2 The Galaxy
3 Don't Let Go
4 Break Loose (feat. NEIMY) - The Galaxy Remix
5 Luxor
6 Hero (feat. JVZEL)
7 Turn Day Turn Night
8 Waiting For You - Rebourne Remix
9 Moon & The Stars
10 P. S. A.