Bakermat presents his debut album ‘The Ringmaster’

okt 09, 2020

Bakermat is stepping outside of the box and into the ring with his latest project, The Ringmaster – a ten-track project showcasing the lengths and versatility of the electronic hitmaker including the chart-topping release “Baianá” (awarded Gold and Platinum status, surpassing 100 million total streams, and now stamped as the official feature track for EA’s FIFA 2021).


The Ringmaster explores more of Bakermat’s musicality, honing in on pop, jazz, rock, and soul, all blended seamlessly with his signature style. Together these influences meld into an invigorating playlist that has something for everyone. On the album Bakermat explains, “I made the album ‘The Ringmaster’ to show my diversity as a producer, and to go against the idea that an artist should stick to one genre or style with their album in order for it to be a cohesive body of work.”


Alongside the album release, Bakermat launches the official video for new single “Bad Dreams” featuring 7Chariot. Since revealing the first track off the album “Partystarter,” all following singles have been accompanied with animated videos. Each video compiled together tells the chronicles of Matt Baker, the animated alter ego of Bakermat. The visuals give a glimpse into Baker’s stories that all connect to the music, each fitting into a puzzle illustrating the larger message Bakermat is sharing across his collection. He adds, “Every adventure is connected to the music and lyrics. Next year fans can guess the right sequence of all the videos so far and present their theory of the meaning behind them and the whole story.”


Known for his signature circus jacket donned on each stage, Barkermat’s The Ringmaster reflects on his love for the circus further. He explains, “A circus is a place where different styles, emotions, skills and performances take place under one roof. It’s a celebration of diversity. A visitor can laugh at a silly clown, get touched by an acrobatic performance or enchanted by a magician all in one show. With this album, I am the Ringmaster of my own circus presenting you with a big variety of songs in different styles.”


The Ringmaster features five brand-new tracks as well as previously released songs including “Partystarter, ”Trouble,” “Learn To Lose,” “Baianá,” and his latest single “Under The Sun” featuring Kidda.  The full album marks the full return of Bakermat since his smash hit with Kiesza on single “Don’t Want You Back,” presenting brand new collabs with Alex Clare, Gossip Girl’s Emily Lind, BRÅVES, 7Chariot and more.


Supported by “Bad Dreams,” The Ringmaster continues to display Bakermat’s vision and diverse prowess. He notes, “I wanted to work against the idea of artists sticking to only one genre or style to deliver a cohesive body of work. Despite the differences between some of the new songs, ‘The Ringmaster’ offers a homogenous sound, expressing the same love for melody and live instrumentation that I’ve always cherished as a producer. The album consists of really happy and really sad tunes – just as life consists of both really happy and really sad moments. My goal is to cheer people up with the happy songs, and comfort them with the sad ones.”


Stream or download the album here!



  1. Trouble (feat. Albert Gold)
  2. Pretty Little Jaguar
  3. Good For Me (feat. GoldFord)
  4. Baianá
  5. Learn To Lose (feat. Alex Clare)
  6. Under The Sun
  7. Partystarter
  8. Spotless Mind (feat. Emily Lind & BRÅVES)
  9. Bad Dreams (feat. 7Chariot)
  10. Out Of Control (feat. Savannah Jeffreys)