Be Yourself Music | Monthly Recap (May 2021)

Monthly Recap May

May has come to an end, so let’s look at the releases of May in our Monthly Recap!

Be Yourself Music

Bakermat – Ain’t Nobody (feat. LaShun Pace)

Choir-powered delight from Bakermat, the second single from his forthcoming album powered by pianos to get you out of your seat, and vocals from gospel great LaShun Pace sharing a common goal with recent rise-ups from David Penn, Adelphi Music Factory and Sophie Lloyd/Dames Brown. Bursting at the seams with positive vibes as horns and organs join in the praise, whatever


Get ‘Bakermat – Ain’t Nobody (feat. LaShun Pace)’ here



AINT & Strobe – Kids of NYC

The pair who wheeled up Wheatus for last year’s cheeky ‘Teenage’ are back in party mood with Big Apple beats putting all their experience into creating a warm weather winner. Chants and handclaps conjure images of fire hydrants and skipping ropes to get you loose, a weather forecast checks in to tell you to bring your sweatbands, and a comforting chord melody sparks a certain nostalgia in amongst the contentedly paced clubbing, readymade for kicking sessions into gear and coming together at daybreak. A satisfying ray of sunshine.


Get ‘AINT & Strobe – Kids of NYC’ here



Melsen – Alone

‘Alone’ utilizes Melsen’s continued winning formula pitching between a feelgood pop song and an uplifting house tune. Hung up on a hook catchy in its simplicity and Bieber-like delivery, acoustic guitars picture the producer as the shy, sensitive type who just happens to know something about moving a dancefloor, the 4/4 beats plucking up the courage to bring the track out into the open. In tune with the sound of racing hearts, ‘Melsen – Alone’ gets up close and personal, and ends up getting crowds jumping.


Get ‘Melsen – Alone’ here



Mats Westbroek – Can’t Let You Go

This is not a break-up song, but Netherlands producer Mats Westbroek is definitely holding on for a heartache, bidding to dance away his fears on what is actually a finely tuned piece of easygoing house on ice. A reflective serenade of saxophone, and pianos determined not to get bogged down in emotional baggage, are at the center of Westbroek’s longing, perfecting the taste of the bittersweet. For and from the heart, then feet will follow.


Get ‘Mats Westbroek – Can’t Let You Go’ here



Derailed Traxx

Antergy – In The Future EP

New kid on the block Antergy is back on our roster and this time with an epic EP “In The Future” containing 4 tracks. The whole EP is part of a concept about our digital world and he states: “I picked a theme that had my interest and that I knew would give me a certain soundscape and feeling to work with. With every track the story progresses further, and the tracks get harder, which in my opinion supports the story even more.”


Get ‘Antergy – In The Future EP’ here



Damian Ray – Don’t Wanna Go

Damian Ray returns to Derailed Traxx with the powerful, hard-hitting Don’t Wanna Go. The perfect track for a hot summer festival with some experimental sounds and a catchy melody!


Get ‘Damian Ray – Don’t Wanna Go’ here


Ephoric – Don’t Let Me Go

Don’t Let Me Go is a very personal track for Ephoric and he hopes fans will identify with the track. It has a very uplifting sounds and a dreamy vocal, but he combines it with heavy kicks to make it typical Ephoric!


Get ‘Ephoric – Don’t Let Me Go’ here



In Charge

Marco V, Vision 20/20 – PU/RE

Marco V continues to spell out who’s boss with the precise engineering of ‘PU/RE’. From the thrill of the ‘HU/NT’ and the force of the ‘WA/VE’, snares are thrown around a vast warehouse for maximum reverberation as ‘PU/RE’ begins by going hard on the percussion. Synths start tip-toeing underneath in looking for the arena’s sweet spot, progressing bit by bit until a strobe-lit melody reigns in awe, the place now packed to the rafters as the head of trance’s church takes another bow.


Get ‘Marco V, Vision 20/20 – PU/RE’ here


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