Be Yourself releases | Week 16

Elle Hollis

Format – Solid Session (Joris Voorn Remix) [Be Yourself Music]

A classic packaged with a rather plain title, ‘Solid Session’ is back to shimmer and sparkle on Be Yourself Music courtesy of ace marksman Joris Voorn, bringing the sound of fellow Amsterdam great Orlando Voorn, under his Format alias, bang up to date after thirty years in waiting. Its dancing synth notes play like a neon fountain, and backing keys provide a warm protection, rising and falling with an unassuming but all encircling grace: this session, with passing glances towards Three Drives and CRW, leaves headphones fizzing and arenas energised. The legacy of the original is kept in the highest regard: even when it reaches its spikiest point, Joris keeps a clear head for the benefit of those wanting similar enlightenment.

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Dynoro & HVME & Gaudini – Why Why Why [Be Yourself Music]

Created in Spain, Lithuania, Australia and the Netherlands, “Why Why Why” skillfully combines the signature sound of the dance dream team between future house and pop. Groovy beats and slapping basses meet atmospheric synths and melancholic vocals – just the right vibe for a track that not only lets you have fun on the dance floor, but also carries an important message about self-love and setting boundaries.

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Elle Hollis – Listen [Be Yourself Music]

Dutch singer-songwriter Elle Hollis made her way to the forefront of the music industry with her unmistakable cosmopolitan sound, which combines gripping lyrics with captivating production. ‘Listen’ marks the start of a new direction: a more organic sound and style. Singing about longing for a person and the fear of being forgotten, ‘Listen’ perfectly describes how you desperately want to wake someone up and show them all the happy moments, feelings and memories you’ve built together (“Darling I just have to tell you, won’t you listen”). The talented 25-year-old will be the opening act of this year’s Pinkpop Festival!

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Marco V – Run & Hide [In Charge]

Marco V will find you, but he’ll never take it slowly; the legendary producer revels in the thrill of the chase with his latest supercharged widescreen accelerator leading the tech house pack. ‘Run & Hide’ adapts an instantly recognisable vocal from one of the biggest bands on the planet, blearily taking its time and flexing like a supervillain about to pull the endgame pin. Blasting beats, un-killable synths scissoring through the night sky, and panic station vibrations telling clubbers to adopt the brace position: Marco V will find you, and once again will thrill you.

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Jeex & Audiorollerz – Together [Derailed Traxx]

A collaboration that originated from a true friendship between two up and coming producers! They’ve joined forces and combined both styles into “Together”. Curious what you think of this one!

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The Pitcher – Human [I AM HARDSTYLE]

If you’re looking for a atmospheric, catchy and euphoric track, “Human” by hardstyle legend The Pitcher is definitely it! Accompanied by enchanting female vocals, this track is one for the books!

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Strobe – Round & Round [Be Yourself Music]

With bleary rhymes sounding like Strobe have been on a non-stop circuit of clubland’s sleazy underbelly, it’s fair to say that ‘Round & Round’ likes to stir things up. Simple synth stabs bring life to the party, but whose trajectory, in tandem with those vocals that act too cool to jump around despite being pulled in by the melody, aims to burst the bright and bubbly EDM bubble. A Strobe soundclash that can raise you up and yank you back down to earth.

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Thyron – Live Edits EP II [I AM HARDSTYLE]

Thyron his signature style can be described as raw and energetic, but with a melodic touch. His second live edit EP showcases exactly that: three live edits of his previous I AM HARDSTYLE releases on the more melodic side of the Thyron spectrum, he states: “I’m giving some of my songs from the past year a fresh new twist full of surprises.”

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Mood Officer – Battery Low [Casual Chill]

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