Be Yourself releases | Week 18

mei 06, 2022

Leandro Da Silva – What I Do (feat. Litening) [Be Yourself Music]

The man who made ‘Your Smile’ belonging to Lulleaux and Jay Mason beam a little brighter last year, Leandro da Silva shows you how he gets down on Be Yourself Music. Built on a rich diet of pianos and bassy keys straight from the classic house inventory, and with a hint of Iio’s ‘Rapture’ coming through, ‘What I Do’, with vocalist Litening strutting her stuff as the wrong diva to mess with, has all the hallmarks for putting hands up during happy hour, charming the airwaves with its rock steady melodies and singalong hook getting vibrant synths to spring into life.

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Volture – Memories [Derailed Traxx]

Memories can be described as a very atmospheric and emotional track with lots of drive. A typical signature Volture track!

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Monetary Justice – Fidget Spinner [Casual Chill]

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