Be Yourself releases | Week 19

Be Yourself releases week 19

BURNR – Molly [Be Yourself Music]

A nasty house pounder from your boy BURNR, concocting a chemical reaction by pouring petrol over speakers and asking his devil’s advocate on vocals for a match. Dragging ‘Molly’ across juddering bass terrain like it has Guru Josh backwards by the infinities, the mayhem is brought to a head by a shrill synth blowing off steam post-breakdown, the Dutch one-to-watch adding squelches and squirms to his mean machinery. A dirty, decadent, renegade stomp, ‘Molly’ probably isn’t the one to bring home to your parents.

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Kay Wilder – Operator [High Contrast Recordings]

Kay Wilder is behind the wheel as the ‘Operator’, a trance power up mixing up the light and dark. Equal importance is given to gnashing synths out for blood and soothing dream sequence intermissions, with the Amsterdam producer ultimately providing a pixellated melodiousness answering the call for a superhero to enter the arena, swooping in on a mission with a merciless swagger before declaring the dancefloor safe under his authority. A journey as much about the rough ride as the expanding of your mind.

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“Try to imagine something that doesn’t exist, something you have never seen before..” Eyes Closed takes you on a mindfull journey whilst listening to the pounding out-of-the-box sounds of ANDY SVGE.

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Bmyshadow – Happy Hour [Casual Chill Music]

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Gold Award for Headhunterz & Sub Zero Project – Our Church

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