Be Yourself releases | Week 23

Be Yourself releases Week 23

AINT & Strobe – Streets Of Havana [Be Yourself Music]

AINT & Strobe now have Cuban cool to go with their starring role as the ‘Kids of NYC’; they’ve another hot one on their hands with the tinkling pianos and schoolyard chants that sound out the ‘Streets of Havana’. Crest of a wave block party house served neat and simple, it’s a perfect follow-up of Latin charisma, getting local residents to throw their windows wide open, and turning out-of-towners on to a good time. The end product creates an enticing image of both following the buzz in a congregation of colour and joy.

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Brennan Heart & Warface – Sacrifice (feat Max P) [I AM HARDSTYLE]

‘Sacrifice’ is a song by Brennan Heart, Warface and Max P, about earning your place by working hard and letting no none take that away. The result of their collaboration is a colossal hardstyle track that perfectly blends raw and euphoric, creating a mixture between a mainstage anthem and a dancefloor banger, ready for the festival season of 2022.

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Kay Wilder – Operator [High Contrast Recordings]

Kay Wilder is behind the wheel as the ‘Operator’, a trance power up mixing up the light and dark. Equal importance is given to gnashing synths out for blood and soothing dream sequence intermissions, with the Amsterdam producer ultimately providing a pixellated melodiousness answering the call for a superhero to enter the arena, swooping in on a mission with a merciless swagger before declaring the dancefloor safe under his authority. A journey as much about the rough ride as the expanding of your mind.

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Gavin Tempest – Gibraltar [Casual Chill]

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Davide Perico & Dojee – Fischietto [Casual Chill]

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