Be Yourself releases week 8

Electric Cinema – Sunlight [Be Yourself Music] Carry the ‘Sunlight’ of Electric Cinema! The song is a groovy one, that builds up to an explosive release of emotion and energy. Showing a new side of their capacities and flawless feeling of different sounds and moods, Electric Cinema takes a new step in their musical journey.…

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Be Yourself releases week 49

Format x RobJanssen – Solid Session [Be Yourself Music] Format being none other than dance legend Orlando Voorn, brought bang up to speed by RobJanssen, another Dutchman of many aliases, as ‘Solid Session’ re-emerges from its 1991 starting point as a techno-trance hurricane. Beats are tough and uncompromising, bass rumbles are a harsh, ugly sprawl,…

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Elle Hollis new release including Pinkpop aftermovie

Elle Hollis at Pinkpop

After 2 years of waiting, Elle Hollis finally made her debut at Pinkpop Festival last summer! She rocked the stage for 45 minutes with her own repertoire like ‘Someone Else’, ‘Listen’ and ‘Running Out of Love’. She also introduced the crowd to new material like ‘Selfish Ways’. This uplifting Pop song was released together with…

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Be Yourself releases week 38

Elle Hollis – Selfish Ways [Be Yourself Music] Elle Hollis had the honour to be Pinkpop 2022 official openings act! Touring festivals in the Netherlands at the moment, Elle also had the honour to perform at the sold-out shows of Olivia Rodrigo at the AFAS in Amsterdam earlier this year. Having written the song herself…

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Listen is de ‘MAX-schijf’ op Radio 5

Elle Hollis

Elle Hollis werd live tijdens ‘Goeiedag Haandrikman!’ gebeld met de mededeling dat haar nieuwe single ‘Listen’ is uitgeroepen tot ‘MAX-schijf’. Dit betekent dat ‘Listen’ de meest gedraaide track van deze week zal worden op Radio 5. Stream of download ‘Listen’ hier

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