Celebrating 30 years of Thunderdome

dec 09, 2022

Gabbers! This year we celebrate hardcore, 30 years of Thunderdome. In 1992 the first Thunderdome event was organized in the Thialf stadium in Heerenveen (NL). This was the beginning of a legacy: hardcore was born. This year we celebrate Thunderdome’s 30 year anniversary with a “trip down memory lane”

For this special milestone, Be Yourself, in collaboration with Thunderdome, has put together a very special 6 CD with only the best, hardest and coolest tracks from the past 30 years. Containing 6 CDs that highlight five years of music each, this collector’s item celebrates the entire history of hardcore from 1992 – 2022. Are you a die-hard hardcore fan from the beginning or a new gabber at the beginning of your hardcore journey, this compilation is the best overview of 30 Years of Hardcore. Enjoy the infamous Early Rave classics, Millennium Hardcore bangers or Up tempo track, there’s something for everyone.

In addition to all the different styles of recent years, also a variety of different artists are represented. Think of artists such as DJ Promo, Neophyte, Marc Acardipane, Angerfist, Tommyknocker, DJ Mad Dog , AniMe, and N-Vitral. Latter also produced a massive 2022 Thunderdome anthem once again!

This CD is a must-have for every hardcore junky, a collector’s item. 30 years of hardcore packed in a beautiful 6CD with inlay booklet. A special collection that will still be heard through your speakers even 30 years from now!

We are all slaves to the rave

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