Get to know everything about Road Kahan and their new release

A new act has joined the Dirty Soul roster: Road Kahan! This Intergalactic duo is making music without concessions or any rules, and will enrich the Dirty Soul label with their new music! We asked them five questions to get to know them better!


How did you guys meet each other?

Around 6 years ago at Q Factory in the east of Amsterdam where we both have our studio. At some point we heard each others music and we realized we were on a same level production wise but also interest wise.


What started the project Road Kahan?

We wanted to write music without all the unwritten production rules. We noticed there is less freedom these days when it comes to arrangement and sound for example. We wanted to be free and do whatever we feel like.


What is your greatest musical experience at a Festival?

That we got booked for a sold out Liquicity Festival to play an exclusive set with all our unreleased music.


What is Road Kahan’s music-making secret?

We never work together in the studio, we always send sketches and ideas to each other via mail.


Road Kahan’s Guilty Pleasure?

Bon Jovi – Living On A Prayer


Digital Love

Caught in the middle of an electronic illusion, Road Kahan bring ambient advances with ‘Digital Love’, feeding the yearnings found in lockdown. Now known for making atmospheric strides after a history of making noise, the duo interact with ghostlike, angelic vocals as synths circle in a continual swell and fade, balancing weightlessness with a bed of bass to bounce off. Dreamy chillout lined with electricity, glowing yet icy, ‘Digital Love’ settles in a sweet spot between drifting away and being pulled in by the unknown.

Listen to ‘Digital Love’ here


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