Get to know Ivan Moser

aug 11, 2021

Ivan Moser is a brand new name on the In Charge label. With his debut release ‘Fake Love’ he already set the tone of what we can expect from him in the future on the Trance label. So let’s ask him some questions to get to know him better!


Who is Ivan Moser?

Ivan Moser is a 31 years old dedicated Dj and Producer from northern Italy.


What inspired you to make “Fake Love”?

I came home after a Gig in Austria with a strong hangover and fever. I didn’t have the power to go to the studio so I produced the track in the bed with my laptop and headphones. That day my ego didn’t have the power to say.. NO Ivan.. do HARDCORE… So I decided to try something new that I never produced before.


You are producing for a very long time now, some people might recognize you from your other alias “Tears of Fury”. Why did you choose to start this new project?

 I think it’s important to produce other genres, because every genre has his techniques, sounds and sound design. Plus I had a big writer’s block as Tears of Fury, and I must say that since I produce other genres it’s again easier for me to produce Tears of Fury music.


What makes producing Trance different from making Hardcore?

One thing is for sure, it’s much much easier to do. I think Hardcore is one of the most difficult genres to produce, plus the energy level in Hardcore always needs to be 110%! While trance can be chilly or high energetic uplifting…. and yeah, did you ever hear chilly Hardcore haha? And if I think, in the time I do a proper Hardcore Kick, I produce an entire Trance Track. But I am thankful that I started with Hardcore, cause now many other electronic music genres are much more easy for me to produce.


Do you use any Hardcore producer tricks while producing Trance music?

 Yes, a lot!


What activates you to make Trance music?

 Entering in a deeper state of mind. I am a really spiritual guy, so with Trance music I can go deeper into myself.


Who is your biggest inspiration in Trance music?

Paul van Dyk and ATB


What is the weirdest sample you’ve ever used in a track?

 That must be screaming chickens haha!


When everything opens up again, what is the first track you want to play at a gig?

 My second track that’s going to be released on In Charge 😉 I love it!


What can we expect from Ivan Moser in the future?

You can expect lots of deep music made with heart! Big harmonies and dreamy melodies! Sad ones, happy, uplifting and and and… I have no boundaries.


Stream or download ‘Ivan Moser – Fake Love’ here