Get to know Maxi Meraki

okt 12, 2021

For the people who don’t know Maxi Meraki

As a melodic house dj from Antwerp I just released my first tracks back in 2019. And after some releases you can say I entered some popular charts a bit out of the blue as a new kid on the block. Not forget to mention also the support from some bigger names in the scene for which I’m super grateful. Maybe it has something to do with the meaning of Meraki: doing something with soul and creativity, putting something of yourself into what you’re doing. 


What inspired Insane World?

Nowadays when everything is getting back to normal people are changing. A lot of them had the time to think about themselves, their relationships and e.g. their working environments. Some of them started different habits, broke up with their partner or changed jobs. It’s important you have something or somebody to hold on to that makes you look forward to the future and that nothing keeps you away from dreaming. As the vocal says it: This insane world, but it’s unique. Cause I can’t hide what you’re doing to me. And in your eyes I can tell that you see, so if you want take the ride then I’m ready to dream. 


What is your secret to stay sane?

Surrounding myself with the right people, who keep me motivated and support me in what I’m doing. But it all starts from yourself as a person: doing some sports, eating healthy, drinking a lot of water and/or going to bed early. But maybe that last thing is a bit difficult sometimes as an artist haha.


If you could do a collab?

Listening to the sounds I’m producing lately, a collab or remix by one of the Keinemusik crew guys or Black Coffee would definitely be something I wouldn’t say no to! But the career of each artist, also mine, is a process which you can’t compare with one another. So till the day comes with the right track, the right artist and a possible collab we just need to keep on working hard, be persistent in everything and keep on pushing!


What can we expect in the future?

The last weeks and months we were busy in the studio working on several new tracks. Some of them have a different sound than the usual, and I can’t wait to release them and play them for you guys!