Get to know SRLKLLA

We sat down with the mysterious SRLKLLA to get to know him better. He didn’t say much, but hey it’s something…


In three words who is SRLKLLA?

The beat slayer


What started the project SRKLLA?

The need to feed… on the energy of a dancefloor. Yes, that’s it – dance floors.


What is the secret ingredient to all SRLKLLA releases?

In time you will discover the hidden messages. Just wait.


Is there somebody behind the mask?

Yea… duh!


The guilty pleasure of SRLKLLA is?

Snuggles and huggles with stuff toys and puggles <3


SRLKLLA – Trouble

Big & Dirty’s ‘Original Kriminal’ is back to wreak dancefloor havoc – in the best possible way – as the man in the mask feeds the party a knockout power surge. Everything starts off innocently enough – crisp and clean, Saturday night house beats paired with a polished, well-groomed vocal – but the spanner in the works is SRLKLLA’s spluttering kick-step of a bass melody that bounces between speakers: a dirty deed, but with a whole lot of fun going on as well. Big sounds = big ‘Trouble’.


Get ‘Trouble’ here

Free download here


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  1. Karin op maart 5, 2021 om 1:09 pm

    Damn good song, love it ❤️❤️❤️

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