GRUENHEIDE brings firepower to the ‘Church of Arpzilla’ on High Contrast Recordings

Dancefloors and arenas, brace for impact: with the concentration of a fighter pilot and the will and firepower of a cyberpunk, the secret agent known as GRUENHEIDE takes to the controls and has crowds bowing down to his computerized loops and dynamic breakdowns, perfecting the mechanics of going full throttle with a smooth touch.


Ready to save the day/set the place ablaze from out of a brooding intro, GRUENHEIDE takes flight on the back of an uninterrupted equation of keys – filtered, stretched, roughed up but always keeping energy levels high – and brings other atmospheric elements into play that advance the track’s trajectory. Refueling without standing still on the breakdown helps make ‘Church’ a divine dancefloor experience.


GRUENHEIDE the producer is a riddle wrapped in an enigma, but in a past life/parallel universe has developed an individual skill set revered by those that know. The gospel according to the ‘Church of Arpzilla’ bears all the hallmarks of making futuristic engineering a reality, with the promise of more to come.


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