Jochen Miller returns with a trance banger

Is there ever a dull moment when it comes to High Contrast Recordings? Picture the latest exciting talent to have joined the roster to team up with one of the label’s most legendary veterans… With the flipside of his label debut, “Homebase”, Evan already hinted at compatibility with the types of track Jochen has been known for on High Contrast for the past 13 years. It should come as no surprise that the result of their collaboration will light up dancefloors all over!


With a firm bassline and a mysterious female chant echoing over the build-up the gentlemen create suspense. Where could this be going? Then, a classic Jochen lead is heard, carrying a melody that will no doubt evoke memories of “Eclipse” and “Humanoid” for the Miller fans that have been around a little longer. The breakdown is not quite what you’d expect with gentle and beautiful piano tones creating a soothing and almost dreamy atmosphere. Evan really steps up his piano game here, we can’t help but feel this Mike Foyle vibe which enriches any Trance track! The main lead reverse echoes into the fore and has a powerful riff like pattern, something that fits in line with the way these artists believe a track should tick. The drop hits hard once unleashed with a little bit of teasing further up ahead before getting back to business and letting you fistpump to its addictive, euphoric and victorious melody! Evan and Jochen deliver a peaktime gritty Trancer with the ability to re-energize you during a long set, that welcome kick-up-the-behind to push you through the early hours in the morning!


 With Kendricks already clocking up a third release in just four months time (following his electric “Forward” and “The Homecoming EP” debut) he is making his mark as part of the label’s next generation. For Jochen it’s a matter of “business as usual” as mister Brace Yourself graces High Contrast for the fifth time since he decided it was “Time To Go Back” last year. Having masterminded some of the labels finest releases ever, he proves that he’s still got what it takes to deliver energetic Trance with a sharp edge... So. Is it too early to start talking about follow-ups?


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