Get to know Soul Central

sep 16, 2021

Where are you in the world right now, and what’s the setting like?

Timmy – I’m In Vietnam, it’s beautiful but we are in full lockdown and not able to leave the house, so not idyllic atm.

Matt – I’m in Ibiza, the sun’s shining and it’s super busy (albeit without clubs this year). We both normally enjoy our freedom and surroundings, this heavily influences our music writing.


Let’s go back for a moment, how did you guys meet?

Timmy – In Birmingham UK, or was it the House Awards in London?

Matt – It’s a little hazy as there was so much activity and events back then both living local and the same networks. I was a head buyer at a music store, and then studio equipment provider, so between that and parties we crossed paths often. Funnily our Birthdays are a day apart so we always had similar characters.


What does the name “Soul Central” mean to you?

Timmy – The Governing power, the central power, is the soul!

Matt – Everything we’ve always produced collectively or separately always has an emotional link.… It’s got to have soul, even the best Techno breathes the same ethos.


What inspired you to make “Matador”?

Timmy – We were playing with this sound and the Phrygian Mode was working nicely which sounds very Spanish. I was watching the Picasso series at the time which also heavily inspired me.

Matt – We’ve been busting out a variety of tracks that are not traditional Soul Central, but very much work in clubland. This was our opportunity to share a flavour from our favourite clubs like Space and DC10, and share our current vibe. In the words of Isotonik “Different Strokes” … and so far everyone’s loving it.


You both have been producing for a very long time now, some people might recognize you guys from the hit single “Strings of Life”. What more can we expect in the future?

Timmy – We have so much more to release, it is sitting on a stockpile at the moment. It’s very diverse, there is an album in there, but not masquerading as 11 house tracks.

Matt – Yes the name certainly has an affiliation with many tracks, thankfully always associated with the dance floor and heavy hitters. For us, as Timmy says, we love to break down barriers, so expect a great variety of music coming out, that’s what excites us most.


Stream or download ‘Soul Central – Matador’ here