It’s time to live loud with Decibel Outdoor!

Decibel Outdoor

It would have been the ultimate way to celebrate the come-back of Dutch festival summer at Decibel outdoor 2021, but unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be. Especially for all dedicated Decibel fans b2s and Be Yourself Music decided to bring the fans a massive Decibel CD to celebrate at home.


“Just like all harder styles will come together at Decibel Outdoor festival, the album will have the same diversity and will represent the whole spectrum.”


Not just 3, but this year we made 4 (!) CD’s filled with the best of what the harder styles has to offer. None other than Ran-D selected the best hardstyle tracks for his disc, with tracks from of course himself, but also hits from artists such as: B-Front, D-Block & S-te-Fan, Wildstylez, D-Sturb and Gunz For Hire. For all hardcore fans out there we’ve asked Mad Dog to mix a crazy CD with only the best Mad Dog tracks and tracks by: Sefa, Dither, Deadly Gunz, AniMe and many more! To give all fans the ultimate Decibel experience, we present an extra Pussy Lounge and The Sound Of Decibel CD. Expect crazy edits, the best classics and legendary anthems.


Get the full album here


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