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Casual Chill Music

Moving away from dancefloor-targeted grooves in favour of the velvet rope, dimmed lights and horizontal angles of the chillout room. Relaxation and lo-fi lifestyle are key, time-outs are encouraged, and your mood is priority number one.

The world has had more opportunity than ever of late to make best use of its downtime, running parallel to finding ways of diffusing ongoing stresses and strains. This is where Casual Chill comes in – on top of providing musical harmony, whether as simple background companion or as something to drive your daily routine, Casual Chill delivers a creative community bringing together elements from differing but connected disciplines. As well as music, Casual Chill looks to house design, video editing, art and photography under one roof.

Among Casual Chill’s leading pushers of wellbeing with beats, in their own words, to “chill on / study to / sleep on”, are the cream of the Netherlands’ coolest customers and Europe’s elite movers in zero gravity, pushing acoustica, electronica and gentle, ambient sways to stir the depths of your psyche. Dutch producer Ru1sch, Italian beatmaker Davide Perico, Monetary Justice supplying a Midas touch, the calm and composure of Kykdoosch, the sepia-toned nostalgia pondered by Scholsey and Stym, woozy vibes exhaled by Grabbeltonn, all help to lift spirits, stabilise situations and depressurise atmospheres with understated, perfectly timed instrumentation.

As a multi-faceted soundtrack for keeping cold at bay, moving beneath clear skies, picturing sticky nights at sundown or simply helping you find your happy place, all of these audio masseurs can be found on Casual Chill’s Spotify playlist, taking care of what matters most. Wrapping headphones in a welcoming glow while providing time to reflect, whisking you away or just letting you be, if you’re sitting comfortably, Casual Chill will begin.