Derailed Traxx

Derailed Traxx is a Hardstyle label, representing a wide range of both upcoming and established (raw & mainstream) hardstyle dj’s. Founded as talent label, the focus has always been on the artists. Now, 7 years later, Derailed has left a strong imprint on the industry and is a well known label, with successful releases like ‘Alive’ by D-Block & S-Te-Fan / Isaac and ‘Burning Love (The Viper Remix)’ by Critical Mass.

We proudly release music by Emphasis, PRDX, Damian Ray, Xense, Zerox, Concept Art, Scale, Recoder, 50Hz and many more..

Derailed Traxx is always dedicated and extremely enthusiastic to find the next generation. We are all about giving young talent a chance and guid them to the very top of the hardstyle scene.

With our family of artists, we are determined to take over the future of Hardstyle!

  • 18.03.2019

    Who wanna come around? 🕴 Got The Style by Legion is out now! Play it loud 🔊


    I Got The Style🕴 Check out the full preview of Legion's upcoming release 'Got The Style'! 💣


    Do you got the style? 🕴 Check out the teaser of the first release of Legion on Derailed Traxx here:


    The weekend is here! Enjoy it to the fullest with new music by PRDX! ☀


    The last remaining gladiators, defending their honor and seeking for glory. This is Legion! ⚔ This talented artist will drop some of his new tracks on our label in the upcoming weeks! We will start next week with the preview of 'Got The Style' 🕴


    Having a rough day after carnaval or just want to blow of some steam? Then cure that hangover or start a party with The Sound of Hardstyle takeover by PRDX! 🎉 🔊


    A special Birthday present from Sander of PRDX, Disconnected is out now! 🎉 Play that tune loud 🔊


    This weekend it's time for Dutch Carnaval! 🎊 The PRDX boys will cook some fresh beats for you at Karnaval Festival, Stampen is Goud, Beek Bonkt & Cafe de Kok: Hardstyle maandag! 👨‍🍳 🍻


    'I'M NO ANGEL!' Check out the full preview of PRDX - Disconnected! 🤩


    This new tune by PRDX makes us yearn to the summer! ☀ Get that summer feeling with the teaser of 'Disconnected' 👉


    'Stand up, we're about to touch the stars... VOYAGE' 🌌


    "So Disconnected, everyone in their phones" New PRDX music is coming your way soon 🤳


    All aboard, let's go on a voyage! 🚂 The debut track of Xense on Derailed is out now! Play that tune loud ➡️


    Are you also looking forward to dance on some Hardstyle beats in the bright sun with a cold drink in your hands? 😎 Get those summer vibes with our Sound of Hardstyle playlist: ☀️


    Are you ready to go on a voyage? 🌌 Check out the full preview of the debut track by Xense now! ➡️ Release 18.02.2019


    The first release of Xense on Derailed Traxx will be dropping next Monday! 🌌 Listen to the teaser of Voyage here:


    Start up that weekend party mode with this heavy tune by Emphasis! 💣


    A new artist is joining our forces, we are proud to welcome Xense to the Derailed Traxx family! This talented producer from France, well-known for his sophisticated sounds and emotional melodies, is more than ready to drop his next-level music at our label! ✊ We will kick things off next week with the preview of his upcoming release ‘Voyage’! 🌌


    Kickstart your evening with a new episode of The Sound of Hardstyle! This time with a takeover by Legion! 💣 Listen here:


    The time is here, Emphasis have unveiled their dark prophecy 🙏 Stream or download it here:


    It's time for a new episode of The Sound of Hardstyle! Tune in on Real Hardstyle Radio tonight at 20h for a takeover by Legion! 💣 ➡️


    It's almost time to reveal the full prophecy 📖


    Zerox, Emphasis and Damian Ray got supported in the WE R Hardstyle podcast of January! 🎉 Thanks Brennan Heart! ♥


    The time is near, Emphasis will reveal their prophecy on the 4th of February 📖 Check out the preview here:


    I can make us.. rise! 🌅❤️