Derailed Traxx

Derailed Traxx is a Hardstyle label, representing a wide range of both upcoming and established (raw & mainstream) hardstyle dj’s. Founded as talent label, the focus has always been on the artists. Now, 7 years later, Derailed has left a strong imprint on the industry and is a well known label, with successful releases like ‘Alive’ by D-Block & S-Te-Fan / Isaac and ‘Burning Love (The Viper Remix)’ by Critical Mass.

We proudly release music by Emphasis, PRDX, Damian Ray, Xense, Zerox, Concept Art, Scale, Recoder, 50Hz and many more..

Derailed Traxx is always dedicated and extremely enthusiastic to find the next generation. We are all about giving young talent a chance and guid them to the very top of the hardstyle scene.

With our family of artists, we are determined to take over the future of Hardstyle!

  • 17.07.2019

    Ultimate summer feelings with the Kygo & Rita Ora - Carry On Bootleg by Emphasis! ☀️


    Hold On, Nexone will release new music next Monday! 🙌 Preview ➡️


    Light up the BBQ, open up some beers and enjoy your weekend with this relaxing tune by Xense 🍻🍗


    #TBT we still love this last release by Nexone! ♥️ Hold on tight, because he will drop a new track next week! 🤩


    The Hardstyle Bootleg of 'Robin Schulz ft. Erika Sirola - Speechless' by PRDX reached 1 million views on Youtube! Congrats guys, time to celebrate 🎉🎉🎉


    Xense has a message for you! Watch and share the Take Me Back videoclip and unlock that tutorial:


    Xense is ready to take you back to the wonderfull 80's with his new track, which is out now! Bring on that summer evening vibes ➡️


    🔹 08.07.2019 🔹


    Xense is ready to take you back. Stay tuned....


    IT'S TIME FOR Defqon.1! 😍 Check out our artists at the holy grounds of Defqon.1: 💜 PURPLE | Saturday | 12:30 - 14:00 | Nexone 💜 PURPLE | Saturday | 15:00 - 16:00 | PRDX 💜 PURPLE | Sunday | 19:00 - 20:00 | Emphasis We hope to see you there! 🙌


    This talented little guy will take us back to the wonderfull 80's with his new track which will be previewed next week! Can you guess which of our Derailed Traxx artists this is? 🤔


    This tune fits these hot summer days perfectly! ☀️ Grab On Fire now at


    Drop some 🔥 in the comments if you are ready for this one!


    PRDX are On Fire! 🔥 24.06.2019 ➡


    Drop some ☀️ in the comments if you like this new tune by Emphasis!


    Emphasis made the official Defqon.1 Purple Mix! 🤩 There are certainly brighter days ahead for these guys ☀️


    A Brighter Day is here! ☀ 🔊


    Together with Par-T we are responsible for the official Harmony of Hardcore compilation CD, including a mix by musical genius Ophidian! 🔥 🔊


    Who is ready for Brighter Day by Emphasis? 🤩


    Brighter days are ahead of us! 🔆 🔊


    Spice up your monday with our new Sound of Hardstyle compilation! 🔥 🔊


    "And even when we fall, we’ll find a way" ☀️


    Tomorrow the Intents Festival weekend kicks-off! Get in the mood with the warm-up mix by Emphasis ☀️


    Find A Way by Damian Ray feat. RAiK is here! ☀ 🔊


    Drop a '🔥' in the comments if you are ready for new Damian Ray music!