Dirty Soul

Full bodied beats, timeless house cuts and talent from every continent. Even in its infancy, the Dirty Soul mantra is sending shivers down the spines of music lovers across the world.

A movement of likeminded artists with quality house music engrained into its culture, Dirty Soul’s versatility is matched with a mission statement of serving the market with tracks and talents that will stand the test of time. Be it crossover king Bakermat, the recently refocused sound of Inpetto, Dutch outfit The Tailors or Australian newcomers Namaste, their collective from across the continents boasts a diverse global insight into the high end of modern house music. It’s salacious music for the next generation of house lovers. After all – even the purest of souls need to let their hands dirty once in a while!

  • 15.08.2019

    Have you ever been called a Lovin' bandit? #newsingle #thisislucq #lucq


    What's your fondest childhoor memory? Lucq captured his in a new track. Check out 'Memories' here: https://dirtysoul.lnk.to/DIRTY192FB


    Coming Thursday on DS - Lucq with his new single 'Memories'. An electronic treat that just needs to go in that #spotifyplaylist - #presave here: https://dirtysoul.lnk.to/DIRTY192PL #electronicmusic


    Check out this article from The Nocturnal Times on AFSHeeN - Get to now him a little better by checking out this interview in TNT! #electronicdancemusic #electronicpop #artistinterview


    We figured you needed a new release today, and who best to release on a sunny day then AFSHeeN with his new track 'Scared Of Losing You'. The first single of the album 'Storyline Of A Heartbreak'. What do you guys think? https://dirtysoul.lnk.to/DIRTY190FB


    What kind of studio gear do you need? I'd say an SSL console would go perfect with the carpet and drapes. Gold Shade Juliette Claire #solidstatelogic #newmusic #futurebass


    WEEKEND VIBES 🤩✨🌞🧜‍♂️👑💫


    Dutch producer-duo Majestique is finally back. This time they brought Miles Hi along for the ride to bring you a 80's influenced - pop song with a bass-drive that'll even make your neighbours groove.


    Can't wait for next week. Majestique is back! And this time they brought The Real Miles High along for the ride. Check back January the 10th for their new single 'How U Been' on Dirty Soul! #newmusic #indiedance #electronicmusic


    HAPPY NEW YEAR! What are your new year resolutions for 2019? #bringon2019 #newyear #newyearresolutions


    Is your playlist updated for #newyearseve ? Well if it is then this one by Dualities is already in right? ..right? #newmusic #remix


    Merry X-Mas everyone! #familytime #xmas2018 #stuffyourself


    Thanks to our friends from Trap City to upload our lates release by Dualities to their EDM City channel. Check it out here guys 👇 #remix #electronicmusic #newmusic #loe #eyesoffyou


    The guys from Dualities did an amazing job remixing the 'Eyes Off You' track by Loé. Grab this future house banger from your favorite store now!


    In case you missed it, because the girls were way too fast on their Segways. Here is the official music video for Sapele Official - The Moves. Also available on vevo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0Rklr4o5Ig Would you rather ride a Segway or a Scooter?


    Just a friendly reminder, that for good music these guys know their stuff: 😎 Tw3lv and Jack Wilby. Congrats on the 2 mil guys 🙏


    Swedish singer and producer Sapele Official has just released his new single ‘The Moves’ on indie dance label Dirty Soul. Sapele’s sultry voice flows across 'Disclosure-esque' house chords, whilst a lush and dreamy trumpet glues the whole thing together. The single comes to life through the accompanied music video. Check out the video here; https://bit.ly/2ra5egD


    Sapele Official is back this Thursday with a brand new release (including Music Video with girls on Segways!) on Dirty Soul Music.Want a #sneakpreview? Check out the video #tunestory


    It's so cold, time to warm up with some good music. Majestique #winteriscoming #bringbacksummer #chilly #electronicmusic


    "Ain't a thing worse, when you want to fly but your wings hurt". Now go spread your own wings and give this one a play! by Gold Shade and NeenahMusic


    Gold/Shade shows no signs of slowing down as he makes his Dirty Soul debut with new single “Not Alone”. The Amsterdam producer has teamed up with Neenah to create a moody electronic, hauntingly beautiful song. “Not alone” tells the story we’re all too familiar with. The feeling of wanting to spread our wings and fly, while being held back by an ever blowing downward wind that calls itself loneliness Grab "Not Alone'' from your favorite store!


    If you haven't already checked out Lucq 's 5-track EP, then now is as good a time as any! 🎧 https://dirtysoul.lnk.to/DIRTY186FB #Discover #Disturb #Defeat #Vibes #Dirtysoul #Lucq


    Check out this minimix of Lucq 's latest EP, Discover, Disturb, Defeat. This very personal EP will make you drift off whilst gazing into the far distance thinking about times that have been, times that are and times that have not yet come to pass. Available in your favorite stores.


    It's Loé (left) schredding his axe on his exclusive release party a couple of weeks ago. Just a friendly reminder that good music is just one mouse click away. #eyesoffyou