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High quality. High energy. High Contrast. Over the past ten year’s Be Yourself’s sibling ship of musical exploration has served the high end of electronic music with many unforgettable moments. With a seal of approval spanning industry tastemakers, iconic DJs and dance floors across the continents, their last decade has immortalised High Contrast as a place where incredible people go to make permanent memories in electronic music. If the story so far is anything to go by, the next ten years are unlikely to differ.

Tailored to the changing tides of trance music and embodying its exciting progressions at every turn, High Contrast remains adamant that just as talent should be fostered, evolution should be embraced. Having harnessed the likes of Ernesto V Bastian’s “Dark Side of the Moon” and Marcel Wood’s “Advanced,” its focus on the next generation has set an equally exciting precedent for the future of this modern trance institution. The High Contrast mantra is simple: times change, artists come and go, but the commitment to keeping the flame alight for trance music’s evolution is a lifelong commitment. With a string of new releases  already in place for 2015, the future has never been clearer for this influential ship set to take trance to a place it has never been before.

  • 08.04.2019

    Iversoon & Alex Daf are back on HCR, this time they brought Lil' Squishy along for the ride. What do you guys think, is this track bringing you spring vibes? Grab it here: https://hcr.lnk.to/HCR349fa — Products shown: Iversoon & Alex Daf - Anywhere Alone With You (ft. Lil' Squishy).


    Are you going? #tranceclassics World Tour by Johan Gielen #trancefam #trancefamily


    Coming soon to HCR. Alex Ender did a very nice remix of a classic. Can you guess who? #trancefam #trancefamily #tranceremix


    Something to get your week started with Johan Gielen Marco V Rank 1 @aboveandbeyond and many more! #trancelife #trancefamily #trancefam


    Iversoon & Alex Daf 🥳


    Great to see Marco V has dropped two releases on our imprint. What was your favorite?


    Johan Gielen his Beatport #trance chart. What is your favorite tune in this chart? Check it here: https://www.beatport.com/chart/johan-gielen-say-my-name-chart/555621 — Products shown: Johan Gielen - Say My Name.


    Thanks for your support 😍


    Happy Birthday Danny Cadeau 🙌💥 have a great day! Wish him a great b-day 👇.


    Johan Gielen makes his return on HCR with a track that will definitely stay with you on your Trance journey. The music video is shot in Japan! Have you ever been to Japan before? Grab it here: https://hcr.lnk.to/HCR350Dfa — Products shown: Johan Gielen - Say My Name.


    Johan Gielen will drop his new release next week on HCR, he even has a full on Tech Mix to go with it. Which one is your favorite? https://hcr.lnk.to/HCR350DPO — Products shown: Johan Gielen - Say My Name.


    https://www.mixcloud.com/paulvandyk/paul-van-dyks-vonyc-sessions-640-project-8/ Thanks for the ongoing support Paul Van Dyk on Danny Cadeau 🙏🙏 #trancefam #trancefamily #trancenation #Vonycsessions


    Happy birthday Johan Gielen 🎂🎂🎂


    https://soundcloud.com/ravecultureradio/ww-rave-culture-radio-012 Thanks Rave Culture for supporting Daniel Wanrooy in WW #raveculture What did you guys think of Boomerang? 🙏 #trancefamily #trancefam #trancenation


    These legends finally met. — Products shown: Marco V & Rank 1 - We Finally Met.


    Daniel Wanrooy makes his return on the freshly branded High Contrast Recordings. And what a return it is, the euphoric melody of 'Boomerang' just keeps coming back to you. Check out this banger and let us know what you think. https://lnk.to/HCR351fa — Products shown: Daniel Wanrooy - Boomerang.


    Kings What is your favorite Cosmic Gate track?🙏🙏#ledtherebelight #trancefamily #trancenation


    Need some good mixes to start your weekend? #tranceradio #trancefamily #trancefam https://www.diesel.fm/radio/trance/


    Need some suggestions for your set this weekend? Johan Gielen got you covered! Including the bomb by Danny Cadeau #trancemusic #trancefam #trancefamily


    Ready for the weekend? Danny Cadeau is polishing the decks 👐 Any events you guys are attending? #trancefamily #trancefam #trancemusic


    Buy or Stream: https://hcr.lnk.to/HCR348D1yo Although this is Danny Cadeau 's first release on HCR, he is no newcomer to the scene. You might know Danny for his work and effort in the #trancefamily and now with his first release on HCR, he has his own musical addition to bring to the table. An energetic and very melodic trance track that shows good signs that Danny is very capable of making some solid productions himself.


    Wednesday #tranceday. Good time to update your playlists! And this one can't be left out right? If you guys could suggest a remix of a #tranceclassic which would you pick? Let us know in the comments! #trancefamily #trancefam


    A big congrats to Rank 1 & Cosmic Gate for reaching 1 million streams on L.E.D. There Be Light! Thanks to all the fans for the ongoing support! — Products shown: Rank 1 - L.E.D. There Be Light (Cosmic Gate Remix).


    It's always good to keep our legacies intact. And what better way than to do that with a remix. Beyond Vision did a great job to keep the trance going as strong as ever. Marcel Woods Approves! https://hcr.lnk.to/HCR091Rfs — Products shown: Marcel Woods - Everything (Beyond Vision Remix).