Lulleaux achieves momentous milestone: surpassing 1 Billion streams with “Empty Love”!

aug 08, 2023 streams for one song, a momentous milestone only accomplished by a small selection of songs that conquer the world and what makes it more unique is that Empty Love reached this number in just 1 country, China.

In an electrifying triumph that echoes through the music industry, Lulleaux stands proudly at the center of celebration. The artist has been honored with a special award to commemorate the monumental achievement of his single “Empty Love” surpassing an astounding 1.2 billion streams in China.

“Empty Love,” released in 2020, embarked on a remarkable journey from its humble beginnings. A year later, the single’s meteoric rise on Douyin, China’s TikTok equivalent, ignited a firestorm of popularity. From there, the single kept gaining momentum which till this moment not seems to slow down.

“wow, just wow!!”, being Lulleaux (or Hugo to his mum) first reaction. “If you had told me this would happen, I’d have laughed, choked on my coffee, then laughed some more. It’s a surreal milestone, straight out of my wildest daydreams.”

Not only a special moment for the artist, but also a very special moment for Be Yourself Music, as Empty Love is their first release to surpass the unique and incredible milestone of 1 billion streams.
“It’s a crazy big number, but we’re extremely proud to have achieved this with one of our releases”, says Dick de Groot, CEO of Be Yourself Music. “We’re proud to be working with Lulleaux for so many years already and now to have achieved this unique miletone”.

Not sitting on his laurels, Lulleaux has just released a new music. His new single “Hold me First” featuring the acclaimed artist NEIMY is out now on all stores.