Marco V reveals his new project ‘Vision 20/20’ with his new single ‘HO/PE’

It’s been a little quiet around Marco V’s releases this year, but there is in fact a reason as to why that is.

Marco V has stepped up with a brand new project called “Vision 20/20”. Over the course of his career Marco has pioneered and championed the tech trance genre, of course one wouldn’t be able to describe his sound without the obvious influences of techno as well. His cherished sound is as versatile as his DJ CV, spanning numerous venues across the globe. This new Vision 20/20 project hits slightly different though.

The approach chosen for HO/PE is “less is more”, a minimalistic vibe to a degree but the trademark V effects and sounds are there. The bass is deliciously beefy without dominating the gentle synth lines that are to follow. The tech influence is tuned down, offering more of a gentle back-up than serving as the track’s defining trait. But make no mistake, V is treading down the melodic techno path here for sure.

Marco prioritizes the arrangements this time around: a beautiful synth melody that is part sadness, part hopeful defines the track. It’s telling that the “drop” doesn’t hit until HO/PE is nearing its fifth minute, very unusual for a V track. But that’s the point of a new project, to serve a different kind of dish. HO/PE is all about its main melody, contemplative in nature, and soothing to the mind…

If anything, the debut single of Marco’s brand new project encapsulates the resilience of the human spirit: whenever the chips are down, when the worst atrocities seek to devour us, people rise up to the occasion and survive -time and time again- always fueled by HO/PE for better times. And as far as we’re concerned, music has always been hope’s greatest messenger.

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