Electronic City | 🌀Tinlicker, CamelPhat, Elderbrook, Lane 8

Dance, chill and relax with melodic deep house, deep progressive and progressive house beats. Including: RÜFÜS DU SOL, Boris Brejcha, ARTBAT, Tinlicker, Elderbrook, CamelPhat, Lane 8.

67 tracks
4 h 36 min
Song Album
Le Youth,Tailor
Dreaming 4:45
Slow Wave (The Blaze Remix)
Ben Böhmer,Gordi,The Blaze
Slow Wave (The Blaze Remix) 5:30
Dance Hits 2022
Various Artists
Dance Hits 2022 3:10
On Your Own (feat. Elderbrook)
Hayden James,Cassian,Elderbrook
On Your Own (feat. Elderbrook) 3:43
Revelation (Barry Can't Swim Remix)
Ben Böhmer,PBSR,Barry Can't Swim
Revelation (Barry Can't Swim Remix) 4:21
Paradigm 7:20
Looking For Love 2:31
Changing Lanes 6:18
Down We Go
Joseph Julien
Down We Go 5:01
Dance Hits 2022
Various Artists
Dance Hits 2022 3:23
Crossroad 5:04
Titus1,Jennifer Rene
Circles 5:43
Rubicon 4:18
When Silence is Too Much 3:02
Back To My Love
Back To My Love 6:41
Afterlife 2:43
Nothing Matters (Remixes) 3:18
To The Light 4:21
Steps of love
Lucky Choice,AlexK
Steps of love 5:09
As The Rush Comes
Achilles,Lister,Jessie Lee Thetford
As The Rush Comes 3:02
This Moment
Nic Chagall,Jonathan Mendelsohn
This Moment 8:39
Thinking About You 3:39
Giuseppe Ottaviani,Dan Soleil
Hero 4:21
Golden Hour (AVIRA Remix) 3:21
Toca (20th Anniversary Edition) 3:20
Dark Matter 3:52
Night Ride 4:23
Under the Moonlight
ASHER SWISSA,Korolova,Evelynka
Under the Moonlight 3:48
Jonas Blue,Sevenn
Angles 2:45
Matt Fax
X 4:29
3AM (Chicago Edit)
3AM (Chicago Edit) 3:32
Petal Dance 3:49
Rush (Miss Monique Remix)
Sied Van Riel,Miss Monique
Rush (Miss Monique Remix) 4:51
Aurelios,Jack O'Kings
Remember 2:56
Feel Me Too 2:19
Vintage Culture,Maxi Jazz
Commotion 3:35
On My Mind
Monocule,Tim van Werd,Nicky Romero
On My Mind 3:13
Spada,Lauren L'aimant
Gone 3:12
Lane 8,Solomon Grey
Automatic 4:09
Innerlight EP 4:17
Always Will
Tinlicker,Nathan Nicholson
Always Will 5:17
The Mirage EP
Agents Of Time
The Mirage EP 6:11
Never Ending 4:02
Cry My Name 4:03
In Another Lifetime 4:44
In The Dark 2:19
Trance The Annual 2022 3:04
Killing Time 5:32
Numb (Joris Voorn Remix)
Elderbrook,Joris Voorn
Numb (Joris Voorn Remix) 3:57
Trance The Annual 2022 2:54
I'll Look After You (feat. Haux) 3:01
Indigo EP
Sultan + Shepard,Angela McCluskey
Indigo EP 4:56
Andrew Rayel,Takis,Zagata
Closer 2:56
Hollow (Colyn Remix)
Armin van Buuren,AVIRA,Colyn
Hollow (Colyn Remix) 4:19
Ride Along (Remixes)
AYLA,Ådå,Funky Judge
Ride Along (Remixes) 2:57
Trance The Annual 2022 2:50
Trance The Annual 2022 2:44
You Take My Hand
Tinlicker,Jamie Irrepressible
You Take My Hand 5:15
Revision feat. Giovanni
Maceo Plex,Program2
Revision feat. Giovanni 6:31
Nothing Matters (Lipless Remix) 3:37
I’m Into It
Paul Oakenfold,ZHU,Velvet Cash
I’m Into It 3:19
Dance Hits 2022
Various Artists
Dance Hits 2022 3:05
What Have You Done To Me? 4:46
Never Stop Dancing (feat. Ginger) 3:27
Signals 2:47
EDX,Daniel Portman
Hip 6:06
Dance Hits 2022
Various Artists
Dance Hits 2022 3:14