Ibiza Pool Party | 🌞🍉Cold Heart (PNAU Remix)

Sunny chill house and deep house hits for your pool hangout. Either chill or dance and remember: wear sunscreen!

137 tracks
4 h 48 min
Song Album
Work With My Love
Alok,James Arthur
Work With My Love 2:30
Ready To Move On (feat. 5etra) 3:19
Where Are You Now
Lost Frequencies,Calum Scott
Where Are You Now 2:28
Wings (I Won't Let You Down)
Armand Van Helden,Karen Harding
Wings (I Won't Let You Down) 2:51
The Seed 2:12
Serotonin Moonbeams
The Blessed Madonna
Serotonin Moonbeams 4:49
Why Why Why
Why Why Why 2:54
Autograf,your friend polly
Lie 2:37
Tell Me (feat. Hero Baldwin)
Tinlicker,Helsloot,Hero Baldwin
Tell Me (feat. Hero Baldwin) 3:23
Heal Me 2:30
Toxic Heart
Dave Summit,Sirona
Toxic Heart 3:04
Long Summer (feat. Sander Nijbroek) 2:03
Hungry (For Love) 2:09
Cold Heart (PNAU Remix)
Elton John,Dua Lipa,PNAU
Cold Heart (PNAU Remix) 3:22
Teenage 2:16
What A Life (feat. Stevie Appleton)
John Summit,Guz,Stevie Appleton
What A Life (feat. Stevie Appleton) 2:51
What I Do (feat. Litening)
Leandro Da Silva,Litening
What I Do (feat. Litening) 2:40
Mood 2:31
Sing With Me
GoldFish,Keanan Eksteen
Sing With Me 2:33
Switch Disco,Ella Henderson,Robert Miles
REACT 3:21
Old Life
Mats Westbroek
Old Life 3:04
When It All Comes Together
Marc Benjamin,Simon Erics
When It All Comes Together 2:19
Pink Panda,Emie
Intoxicated 2:37
Hold Me (feat. Senja Sargeant)
Soulvation,Senja Sargeant,Ronald Molendijk
Hold Me (feat. Senja Sargeant) 2:52
All By Myself
Alok,Sigala,Ellie Goulding
All By Myself 2:51
Escape (feat. Hayla)
Escape (feat. Hayla) 4:00
The Ecstasy 2:27
DJ Nano,Alexander Som
Threee 2:49
16 Again
Paul Woolford,Lewis Thompson,MNEK
16 Again 3:15
Carry On (feat. Ashley Drake) 2:27
Sick of Sadness 3:15
Because You Move Me
Because You Move Me 3:16
TESO,Aj Wildz,Émilie Rachel
Inside 3:00
Make It Alone
Dennis Cartier
Make It Alone 2:47
Fire in You 2:15
Susie Q
Samuele Sartini,Variavision,Moris P.
Susie Q 2:27
Nobody Like You (feat. Lost Boy) 2:45
My Name 1:50
Do Me Baby
Morgan Seatree
Do Me Baby 2:38
Divine 2:25
Wish You Were
Kevin Moffat,Jake Cooper
Wish You Were 3:51
HeyDoc!,Malik Mustache
Secrets 4:06
Heart 2:53
Feel Me
Harry Cho
Feel Me 2:51
Who Cares (with Alex Hosking) 2:37
Can't Let You Go
Mats Westbroek
Can't Let You Go 3:22
Dream Dimension 3:40
Shivers 2:16
After Hours 2:47
Morning Light 2:32
Anything For You (sunsets & sandals Remix) 2:40
Feel The Summer 3:24
Missing You (Michael Gray Remix)
Artful,Ridney,Michael Gray
Missing You (Michael Gray Remix) 2:59
Gotta Let I go
Anton Pars,Mikki JayDee
Gotta Let I go 2:53
Better Yesterday [Feat. Yolanda Mutesasira (EGGSTA Remix)] 3:33
There Tonight 2:21
Maria Antonia
Alexander Som,Les Castizos
Maria Antonia 3:09
Caminando (R3HAB Remix) 2:37
Crazy 3:03
Dance for Me
Like Mike,Kasango,Julia Church
Dance for Me 3:32
Nightjar (feat. SHELLS)
Vintage Culture,Sonny Fodera,SHELLS
Nightjar (feat. SHELLS) 2:29
Can I Have You Tonight
Jessica Chertock,Karl8 & Andrea Monta
Can I Have You Tonight 2:00
You Know What I Need 2:50
Empty Love (feat. Kid Princess) [Slowed Version] 3:30
U Can Do Better
Collin Oliver,Jaki Nelson
U Can Do Better 2:27
Summerbody 2:18
Clear Skies Ahead (feat. Nicosax) 3:05
Deep Down (feat. Never Dull)
Alok,Ella Eyre,Kenny Dope
Deep Down (feat. Never Dull) 2:45
Heartburnin' 2:56
Summer Jams
Blasterjaxx,Henri PFR,Jay Mason
Summer Jams 2:17
Contact 2:21
Let Me Down
Junerule,The NGHBRS
Let Me Down 2:52
#Ibiza 2022
Various Artists
#Ibiza 2022 2:35
Tell Me What You Want 2:17
Radio (SILK Remix)
Radio (SILK Remix) 3:02
Rockstar Baby (feat. Mougleta) 2:54
Blurry (feat. LXT) 3:36
Sweet Freedom
Henry Hacking,Reigns
Sweet Freedom 2:55
Crazy What Love Can Do
David Guetta,Becky Hill,Ella Henderson
Crazy What Love Can Do 2:49
You Feel Like Home
Sir Felix,Jaren
You Feel Like Home 3:08
La La La
Cammie Robinson,SUP3R-6
La La La 3:10
Ain't Real 2:43
Outta Line
Bolier,Sash Sings
Outta Line 2:56
Second Chances 2:36
Corocito (Manguelena)
KVSH,Tim Hox,Cumbiafrica
Corocito (Manguelena) 2:53
Trouble 2:47
Get To You (Felix Cartal Remix)
Paul Oakenfold,Lizzy Land,Felix Cartal
Get To You (Felix Cartal Remix) 2:34
21 Reasons (feat. Ella Henderson)
Nathan Dawe,Ella Henderson
21 Reasons (feat. Ella Henderson) 2:35
Shanahan,Sonny Noto
Intuition 3:38
Goodnight (Edd's Feeling Saucy Remix) 3:47
Sonic Samurai
Legendary 2:45
Read My Mind
Reflek,Cammie Robinson
Read My Mind 2:45
New Millenium (feat. Topazz)
Mr. Belt & Wezol,Nicola Fasano,Steve Forest
New Millenium (feat. Topazz) 3:00
Secrets 2:49
Alone At Midnight
Disco Fries,Kastra,Britt Lari
Alone At Midnight 3:14
Lie To Me (feat. Kimberley George)
Gil Sanders,Kimberley George
Lie To Me (feat. Kimberley George) 2:31
Dance Hits 2019
Various Artists
Dance Hits 2019 3:16
All I Need
Marc Volt,Divine
All I Need 2:40
On My Own 3:01
You Work Hard For Your Enemy (Funkerman Remix) 4:20