Be Yourself celebrates the release of FANNYPACK’s new single ‘Goddamn’ featuring Rachel West with a remix competition. Join for a chance to win awesome prizes, among which an official release on Be Yourself.

Be Yourself represents all sub genres that fall under the Dance spectrum, and with that we welcome remixes from all genres. From House to Hardstyle and from Trance to Trap.



The top 3 remixers will receive the following prizes:

  • First prize: an official remix release on our main label Be Yourself (part of a remix pack)* and a Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro headphone;
  • Second prize: an official remix release on our main label Be Yourself (part of a remix pack)* and exclusive FANNYPACK merchandise;
  • Third prize: exclusive FANNYPACK merchandise.



  1. Download the stems here
  2. Upload your remix no later than Thursday August 27, 2020 before 12pm via this form

Be Yourself will announce the top 5 on Monday August 31, 2020. The remixes will be posted on the Be Yourself SoundCloud channel and remixer will be allowed to promote their own mix.

Please note: a lot of plays and/or comments will ensure good exposure for your remix, but the final winners will be chosen by Be Yourself and FANNYPACK. We do take the exposure into account when making a decision, but it’s not fully decided upon stats.

On Monday September 7, 2020 we will announce the three winners on the Be Yourself Instagram channel.

We are looking forward to hearing your remix. Good luck!


* Remixes will only be released if they meet the quality standards of Be Yourself. Be Yourself and FANNYPACK reserve the right to withhold a release, as mentioned in our terms and conditions**.

**Terms and Conditions
By downloading the sample pack you agree to adhere to the following terms & conditions:

  • Be Yourself Catalogue B.V. shall at all times remain the copyright owner of the parts as supplied in the remix pack.
  • You are granted a one time, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to store and use the parts for your submission to the remix contest for which the remix pack is intended.
  • Be Yourself Catalogue B.V., its successors, assignees and licenses shall be the sole and full copyright owner of any submission to the competition.
  • You shall not sell, distribute, license or exploit in any form or manner any new recording made using the samples as supplied in this pack.
  • You may not upload the new recording made using the sample pack to any online site, portal, store except the specific portal assigned by Be Yourself Catalogue B.V. for your entry into the competition.
  • You are entitled to upload a 15 second sample of your submitted recording to your own social media channels (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter etc). You may not upload the submitted recording to Soundcloud, Youtube etc, on its own or as part of a longer socalled DJ-mix.
  • By taking part in the competition you explicitly agree that Be Yourself Catalogue will have the sole right, but not the obligation, to exploit the new recording made by you using the remix pack. The full ownership of the master shall rest with Be Yourself Catalogue B.V., the full copyright to the composition shall remain vested in the original authors of the samples.
  • You shall not use any material owned by third parties in the new recording.
  • You shall hold Be Yourself Catalogue B.V. free and harmless from any claims by third parties. Be Yourself Catalogue shall hold you free and harmless for the use of the samples as provided herein.

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