Be Yourself releases week 34

KOMMUNION – Lose My Cool [Be Yourself Music / Tinted Records] Founding members Anita Blay (UK) and Alex Burnett (Australian), describe KOMMUNION as a reactionary project to the isolation and uncertain times we are living through. Recalling more about their feelings at this time explain further “We found ourselves yearning for the positivity, love and…

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Live loud with the Decibel Outdoor 2022 compilation

Decibel Outdoor

Today will be the start of a brand new Decibel Outdoor weekend. Over 200 artists will perform at Decibel, divided over 15 thundering stages and representing all our beloved harder styles. And to celebrate the comeback of Decibel Outdoor we bring you the official Decibel Outdoor 2022 compilation CD! This year we will get you…

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Be Yourself releases week 33

Gaudini – Without Your Love [Be Yourself Music] Gaudini are gunning for a vocal house anthem that Europe’s arenas can take to their hearts, taking it back to the best of Basshunter and building a bank of elasticated bass key melodies to get mainstream tongues wagging. Talking of which, “you take me to heaven when…

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