3 Steps Ahead kicks off Hardcore Legends vinyl series

Hardcore Legends: 3 Steps Ahead

We proudly present a new series of vinyl featuring the biggest Hardcore Legends. The first artist to kick off this series is one of the biggest names in the Hardcore/Gabber scene back in the days. He made a name with his music that had a strong technical side and atmospherical elements. With tracks like ‘Drop…

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Celebrating 30 years of Thunderdome

Thunderdome the album

Gabbers! This year we celebrate hardcore, 30 years of Thunderdome. In 1992 the first Thunderdome event was organized in the Thialf stadium in Heerenveen (NL). This was the beginning of a legacy: hardcore was born. This year we celebrate Thunderdome’s 30 year anniversary with a “trip down memory lane” For this special milestone, Be Yourself,…

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