NEVERGLOW go on the attack with the bass beats of ‘Instafamous’

Remember ‘The Chainsmokers – #Selfie’? Here’s a welcome response at the height of look-at-me culture from NEVERGLOW – no filter, no holds barred club beats in a bassline garage style, ramped up by a snotty, brattish vocal from MORY popping bubblegum in the direction of K£sha, Fergie and Princess Superstar. Those obsessed with their phones…

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Hot House action coming from Husko

Husko - Feel The Heat

If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen – but if you’re fly enough to ‘Feel The Heat’, you’ve got a hot one on your hands. Husko hits a summer house home run slash disco slam dunk, opening with a punkish bassline and then introducing a killer double act that cements the…

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Gil Sanders gets the crowd jumping with ‘Only One’

An Italian-American hook-up with a common connection – both have banked streams overflowing into the millions. Sanders and Lucarelli look to continue their shared hobby of racking up the stats with ‘Only One’, a perfect recipe of chart-ready house lighting an EDM fire under crowds to get them jumping like there’s no tomorrow. It’s the…

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