Get to know Soul Central

Where are you in the world right now, and what’s the setting like? Timmy – I’m In Vietnam, it’s beautiful but we are in full lockdown and not able to leave the house, so not idyllic atm. Matt – I’m in Ibiza, the sun’s shining and it’s super busy (albeit without clubs this year). We…

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New addition Soul Central makes debut with ‘Matador’

Dominated by an ebb and flow of pulsing synths, twisting inside and out and calculating the emotions of the room, Soul Central translate Iberian passion into a hugely atmospheric house soundclash. Castanet percussion heightens the expectation of the ‘Matador’s arrival, lowered into the heart of the arena and greeted with a hero’s welcome. Ghostly pianos…

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Welcome to the Be Yourself Music family: Soul Central

Soul Central

Defined by a genuine dance music anthem, UK production team Soul Central will always find themselves on hall-of-fame lists on the enduring strength of ‘Strings of Life’: a top 10 UK singles hit, it featured the equally eminent Kathy Brown, turning the iconic into a trailblazer. Never far from a soundsystem after 20 years in…

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