Tinlicker & Helsloot released their new collab ‘Tell Me’

nov 17, 2020

We welcome Utrecht-based and electronic dance music household names Tinlicker and Helsloot to the Be Yourself family with brand new single.


‘Tell Me’ features the spine-tingling, emotive lyrics of UK singer-songwriter Hero Baldwin amid subtle, melodic chord progressions that build exquisitely, backed by crisp percussion.


Starting off slow, ‘Tell Me’ soon picks up momentum and the rhythm starts to take over. There are builds and breakdowns, with elements being stripped back just as quickly as new layers are added. Hero Baldwin’s flawless vocal undulates in pitch and tone on a song that captivates throughout.


One half of Tinlicker, Jordi van Achthoven explains that at one point ‘Tell Me’ sounded quite different: “We (van Achthoven and Helsloot) made a rough 80s-inspired demo for Hero Baldwin to write on, which she did amazingly well. But after a couple of recording takes we felt we needed to change direction and give the track a more ‘modern feel’. At that stage Micha (the other half of Tinlicker) got involved and together we found the perfect way to fit in Hero Baldwin’s emotional lyrics and add more vibes to the song.”


This is not the first time Tinlicker and Helsloot have worked together. In fact, their hit single ‘Because You Move Me’ has been streamed over 30 million times. And Tinlicker’s latest remix for ultimate dance classic “Robert Miles – Children” went straight to the #1 spot in the Beatport chart.

‘Tell Me’ will transport you to a place of tranquility, just for a little bit during difficult times.

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