TW3LV and Cimo Fränkel reunite for the striking Synth-Pop of ‘Night Drive’

Dazzling discotheques with neon-lit synth-pop reproducing the thrill and glories of the 80s. TW3LV powers up for the thrill of the chase that is ‘Night Drive’. From the energetic keys, the on-edge bass rhythm, to the climactic guitar solo and pop-alluring vocals of Cimo Fränkel, the song demands listeners to embrace the determined, longing essence of its lyrics. ‘Night Drive’ brings back together TW3LV and Fränkel after the successful 2018 release of ‘Picture of Us’, a classic Be Yourself ballad whose keyboards soundtracked and searched for heart-throbs and crushes.


London-based TW3LV continues to create a synth sound full of retro dynamism that slots nicely into the playlists of upfront electronica. Instantly catchy and danceable with his vision of what the future looks and sounds like from back when – “nostalgia never sounded so lush” said Clash Magazine of TW3LV’s ‘Sunset Skies’ – it maintains the French producer’s enigmatic profile, a masterstroke of a guarded persona letting the music do all the talking.


Both on the mic and in the studio, Cimo Fränkel has a Midas touch when it comes to providing the driving force behind tracks from Armin Van Buuren, Daddy’s Groove, Cheat Codes x Kris Kross Amsterdam (the multi-platinum ‘Sex’) and Yellow Claw, plus Snoop Dogg and Hardwell – all on top of his own solo material. In 2020, Fränkel released his debut self-titled album featuring timely songs “World Is Waking Up” and “All Comes Down.” A true triple threat, his roles as producer, songwriter and vocalist have seen his involvement reach out to tunes crossing over a billion streams to a worldwide audience.


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